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Author Visits are always interactive talks, adjusted in consideration of the ages of the audience and the time allowed for the talk.


Monarch Moments
1. Introduce/review the parts of the butterfly using props and thought-provoking anecdotes that answer these questions and more:
How can an adult repair a butterfly’s wing?
What’s so mysterious about migration?
Does a butterfly have a personality?
How can we help if a butterfly breaks a leg?
What is the Monarch’s only food?

2. Then it gets even more cool! The children will learn the intriguing story of how the book, The Missing Butterfly, came to be.
Could it be that it is a true story that became a storybook?
Did it come to be from the author’s imagination alone?
How long did it take between the creation of the book and the actual publishing?

3. Question and Answer session depending on the developmental ages of the students


The Real Super Hero Is In This Room!
This is a talk for children first through sixth grade.

1. The children will brainstorm the names of popular superheroes, concluding that those
heroes are merely fictional.

2. The children explore the fact that there are real-life super heroes in the world. Brainstorm who they think is a famous super hero. What did he/she do? Author will help with stories of: Abraham Lincoln, Madam Curie, Martin Luther King, Cesar Chavez, Harriet Tubman, Chesley Sullenberger III or others. Who are the not-so-famous super heroes in your life? (Mom, Dad, Grandparent, Bus driver, Teacher, Librarian, Cafeteria Person, Police officer, Friend). Discuss what these real-life people do to help others and how that makes them a hero.

3. The children brainstorm how each one of them has the potential to be a real super- hero, every day, by doing what is right and good. They sometimes work in groups to do good deeds. Sometimes they are invisible heroes, doing good even when nobody sees or expects it. The children will conclude that they can do little heroic things for their family, school, community, country and, yes, even for the world. Doing what is right in their day-to-day life makes them real-life heroes. “The real super hero is in this room!” the author will say time after time. Then she will ask: “Who is the real super hero?” “I’m The Real Super Hero!” the children will conclude at the end of the talk.

Preparation and/or review for this author talk:
Citizenship and Responsibility
For a healthy self-esteem that will carry them through adulthood, children need to be encouraged to take on responsibilities. Teachers can prepare the children for the author’s talk and/or continue the talk theme “The Real Super Hero is in This Room” in the classroom and school-wide. The characters in all ‘Dual language Reading Books’ model for children, in early childhood and beyond, to take on age appropriate responsibilities. Teachers can use Esmeralda Learns Important Things, Esmeralda Does very good Things and Tough Kids to discuss with students the fact that they can and should be responsible people. A thread runs through all these books, showing children and their parents that kids can take on responsibilities at a very young age. Teachers and parents should re-enforce the theme: “I am the real super hero!”

Please share your ideas for lessons, activities and links. What are some successful
things you have done to help students be responsible citizens at school, in the
community and in their homes?


Write Write Write!
This talk can be adjusted for ages seven to adults. The mini-workshop gives the student or adult insights on:
Why is writing so important?
How to become a creative, proficient writer and love doing it.
How to publish what you write.


Raise your child to be responsible, then just RELAX!
Crie a su niño para ser responsable, luego justamente RELAJESE!

This interactive talk, peppered with anecdotes, is for Spanish-speaking parents of early childhood, elementary and intermediate schoolchildren.

It teaches the importance of giving kids three things for a happy and productive life: responsibilities, choices and limits (responsabilidades, alternativas y limites).

Emphasis is placed on the importance of reading and the need to have an appropriate place and time at home for study and homework .

Fathers, mothers, and grandparents will leave with the knowledge that, if they put thoughtful effort into raising their child during his formative years, they will have peace of mind as their child grows into adulthood.

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