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Currently being translated: Tough Kids
A heartwarming, inspiring chapter book about a family of three orphaned children and their adventures.

By: Irene Gonzalez Rosales

   After running away from their neglectful caretaker, the children (ages 7, 11 and 16) find that they can do without almost all the conveniences of modern life when they are forced to, secretly, live in an abandoned pop-up trailer that is hidden in a brush-covered lot. The children use skills learned in their scouting troops, their imaginations and the rich resources of the local library to survive a year on their own. They grow more and more fond of each other as they pull together to keep their secret from the officials, teachers, and friends at their new schools. But they also live in fear they will be sent back to their relative who does not appreciate the children’s need for an education.    



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